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Jewel Adams – Time Travel Romance

Bill D AllenScience Fiction, Fantasy, and Comedy

Michael AmosScience Fiction/Satire

Piers Anthony – Fantasy and Science Fiction

Issac AsimovScience Fiction

M D BenoitScience Fiction

Darlene D Bolesny – Fantasy

Margaret H Bonham – Science Fiction and Fantasy

David Brin – Science Fiction

C Dale Brittain – Fantasy

Robert Brown – Speculative Fiction

Rachel Caine – YA Urban Fantasy and Speculative Fiction

Bill Cameron – Mystery

J K Cheney – Spec Fic Short Stories and fantasy novels

CJ Cherry – Fantasy and Science Fiction

Elaine Corvidae – Fantasy

Jerry Davis – Science Fiction

Philip K Dick – Science Fiction

Stephen Donaldson – Fantasy and Science Fiction

David Drake – Science Fiction

Carole Nelson Douglas – Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Mysteries

David Eddings – Fantasy,Β  Fiction, and Mysteries

Rhonda Eudaly – Speculative Fiction

P N Elrod – Horror and Supernatural Mysteries

Jennakay Francis – Fantasy

Melanie Fletcher – Speculative Fiction

C H Foertmeyer – Speculative Fiction

Sera Gamble – TV Writer/Editor

Haley Elizabeth Garwood – Historical Fiction

Terry Goodkind – Fantasy

Beverly Hale – Speculative Fiction

J. C. Hall – author of fantasy novels, Legends of the Serai, Lady of the Lakes, The House of Caerne

Barbara Hambly – Fantasy, Historicals, Mysteries

KC Heath – Science Fiction/Fantasy – Novels to Capture Your Mind

Frank Hebert – Science Fiction

Ilona Hegedus – Speculative Poetry

Tanya Huff – Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror Mysteries

Derek James – Science Fiction

Gary Jonas – Horror

Christine Jones – Science Fiction

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Katharine E Kimbriel – Speculative Fiction

Stephen King – Horror and Fantasy

Deidre Knight – Romance and paranormal fiction

Tom Knowles – Non-fiction and Science Fiction

Jane Lebak – Spiritual Fantasy

Charles De Lint – Fantasy

Bill Ledbetter – Speculative Fiction

Brenna Lyons – Romance, Erotica, Fantasy, and more

Morgan Mandel – Mysteries and Romantic Comedies

A Lee Martinez – Fantasy

JM McDermott – Fantasy

Tracy Morris – Speculative Fiction

Dean Murray – Speculative Fiction

Jim Nasium – Poetry +

Andre Norton – Science Fiction

D L Owens aka Keiko Mushi – Speculative Fiction

Terry PratchettΒ – Fantasy Satire/Mystery

The Pub Write Group – Promoting the best and brightest independent authors

Michael Reaves – Fantasy, Science Fiction, Comedy, TV

Dana Reed – Mystery

Anne Rice– Horror and Fiction

Kim RobinsonΒ – Fiction

Selina Rosen – Fantasy, Science Fiction, Comedy

J K Rowling – Fantasy

Fred Saberhagen– Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror

Jinx Schwartz – Mystery

Pepper Smith – Mystery/Suspense


Christopher Stires – Alternate History and Fantasy

Jeff Strand – Horror

Cheryl Swanson – Thrillers

Rob Thurman – Urban Fantasy

K M Tolan – Science Fiction

Jeff Turner – Fantasy and Science Fiction

Joy Ward – Science Fiction

Roby Ward – Fantasy

Lachesa Williams-Berrian – Fantasy

Chuck Wendig – Spec Fic author and freelance penmonkey

Tad Williams – Fantasy and Science Fiction

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro – Fantasy and Horror

Serdar Yegulalp – Speculative Fiction


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