Virtual Tourist – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 3/5/17

Morning, all!

Dues Ex: Mankind Divided

This picture is of something quite cool. As I was walking away from the station, I heard a conversation. It was the couple standing before the statue asking this guy to take a picture of them with their camera. What a lovely detail!

Super modern park near the data bank. You can see old fashioned buildings in the background. A mishmash of new and old.

Palisade Bank – very futuristic. Lots of imagery showing one thing but meaning something else.

Local gang boss and his underground casino. Not a nice guy. Double crosses his clients.

Customer’s blacklisted from the casino. My buddy is in the upper right. His confiscated goods are something I need.

Inside an expensive and modern apartment building. Love that lamp!

Someone is in dire need of a housekeeper!

Small park inside the apartment building. Nice, no?

Love the funky wallpaper. The weird layered deer head and the hanging ornaments was a little strange!

View from the apartment. You can see one of Palisades’ memory data storage locations. The buildings are quite awesome.

All right! Made it! Hope you have a great Sunday!

Virtual Tourist – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 10/30/16

I was going to be merciful and put pics of one of the other games. But since the pics have only now reached the true play area in Deus Ex, I decided to torture you with it again anyway. 😛


Game play is not strictly linear anymore. There are main story line missions, side missions, and points of interest missions. So you can do these in any order you choose for the most part.

View from Jensen’s apartment.

Jensen’s living and dinning area. Loved the sunbeams!

Jensen’s apartment building. Mostly Augs live here. Since the “incident” in the last game, anti aug sentiment has been extreme.

Some real nice detail added to most places.

Courtyard of the apartment building.

Young man I found in the sewer. He’s been heavily mind controlled but escaped. Still hasn’t quite been able to totally ditch the mind control and asks for help.

Out in the street. Place really has a lot of character!

Rather interesting wall sculptures, no?

Theater in one of the basements in town.

Poster for A.R.C – entity fighting for rights for the augmented. There are a ton of ads and movie posters and other lovely details everywhere.

Have a fabulous Sunday!

Picture Kaleidoscope 1/27/16

Hello Wednesday!

Koh Poda by Drew Harper at Look a the colors on that water. Love the giant rock! Drew has other lovely photos at this site. Some neat color contrasts! Check out Looking Forward.

Heron Art by Prelena Soma Owen at Like a game of peek-a-boo! (No website link for Prelena though 🙁 )

Rock Ablaze by Michael A Blanchette at Look at all that PINK~!

Michael A Blanchette has a lot of other awesome photography at his site. This one is called Runway to the Sky!

Portraits of 10 Different Lives in 10 Identical Units of a Communist-Era Apartment by Michael Zhang at PetaPixel. Photography by Bogdan Gîrbovan. Quite an unusual project! (He’s got neat stuff at his site as well. Will take a minute or two to load. The pics run to the right.)

These Photos Got a Photographer Banned from North Korea by Michael Zhang at PetaPixel. Photography by Éric Lafforgue. My. Lafforgue has a ton of other countries in his portfolio at his site. He’s been all over!

Have a great one!