Virtual Tourist – Dishonored 2 5/14/17


Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

Dishonored 2

View from the top of the sanctuary building on the small island outside the city.

Isn’t that gorgeous?!

Odd looking flower, no?

Maintenance man – he’s seen things they are trying to keep quiet.

Love those windows!

Bad things have happened here…

The poor man has been experimented on. He has a lot of answers.

A shutter in the kitchen close to the water. This way leads to a partially sunken boat and some goodies.

Disquieting view

A storm is coming.

Have an awesome Sunday!

Virtual Tourist – Dishonored 2 3/12/17

Morning! Hope you’re having a great day so far!

Dishonored 2

Neat horsehead!

I do love that sky!

Lovely floor! I do so love details!


That is one odd looking baby gator.  Look at that tail!

A flashback scene as I approach a healing center on a separate small island.

And here is the reality. Neat how they did them in different art styles, no?

Electric carriage. It’s a weird contraption. Only seats one, maybe two people.

View back towards the city from the island. A better look at the rail system for the carriage.

Lovely and a little creepy all at once. Love it!

Have a good one!

Virtual Tourist – Dishonored 2 2/26/17

Greetings, all!

Yep, totally not keeping up with anything this week. 🙁 Did finally close Dec 2016 at work – yay! Now it’s time for all the reports for the auditors and the dreaded Flux. *shiver* Oh and catching up on January close. Why 2017? Why?!

Dishonored 2

Side view from the ship’s deck. I’m about to take my first trip to the mainland.

The captain gives me a few bits of advice as she prepares to drop me off.

Look at those mountains!

The buildings and people have had it rough here.

Delilah has wasted not time in making sure I get hunted down.

The streets are filled with blood. Blood from the whales they slaughter here. Pestilence lurks everywhere.

View back out to the bay from a balcony. Love that sky!

Yeah, she’s wasted no time at all.

Forlorn looking painting, no?

In the first game, there were rats everywhere spreading contagion. Now it’s red flies. This is one of their nests.

Hope you have a great day!

Virtual Tourist – Dishonored 2 1/15/17

I’m half asleep this morning. Let’s see if I can be coherent. 😛

Dishonored 2

Leaving Dunwall and heading to Karnaca

Emily has just met the Other. My daughter refused his powers (she’s crazy!) I did not. So like my father, I’ve been branded by his mark.

Emily already looks matured by her experiences. All side info or flashbacks are done in this style.

Lower hallway in Meagan’s ship. Well worn.

My first view of Karnaca. Look at that sky! Gorgeous! And the water!

View of Karnaca from the other side of the ship.

A more inland pointed view from the right side of the ship.

The main meeting place on the ship. The two boards behind Meagan fill up over time as we figure out targets and things get done.

In the last game, the problem was the plague and rats. This time around it’s blood flies. Too much glare to show you a good pic of them yet, though.

Look dead center on top of the water – a whale!

And here it is diving! What a sweet and unexpected little treat!

Stay warm out there!


Virtual Tourist – Dishonored 2 12/25/16

Morning, all!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Dishonored 2

Meagan Foster, captain of the Dreadful Wale (Not a misspelling but a hidden meaning I think) – a friend of Doctor Sokolov and my way out of Dunwall.

My last look at home before heading off to Karnaca – the birthplace of my father and where I need to go to rescue Solokov.

Wake up on the ship only to realize I am about to meet the Other.

So eerie, no?

And there he is. He offers Emily the same thing he offered Corvo in game 1 – otherworldly powers with which to fight my enemies.

Whales, the universe is made up of whales. Still super creepy!

Corvo’s current state.

What is likely to happen to everyone with Delilah in charge.

Emily’s dead mother, the Empress Jasmine. She will help guide me much as she did Corvo after she was assassinated.

Jasmine’s heart – the last pieces of her soul trapped within. Before us, those who have plotted to destroy all with Delilah at the center.

Hope you have a fabulous day with you and yours!

Virtual Tourist – Dishonored 2 12/11/16

Life continues to be a bucket full of chaos! Whee!

Think I am going into movie withdrawal. lol.

Dishonored 2


View from the ledge outside of Emily’s room. Time to escape!

There’s always interesting paintings all over the place. Some you can even take for cash. 😛

Map of Emily’s small empire. It’s amazing the amount of anguish it has handled over the years. Plagues, corruption, assassination. I’d want to move. 😛

The Safe Room in Dunwall Tower. Now to escape to the streets.

Armed and dangerous! And about to discover the carnage was not just inside the tower. 🙁

My city. It looks so peaceful from up here. But it is just an illusion…

Beautiful, isn’t it?

I’ve no idea what kind of animal that is. Have found it in several homes, so it’s common, but something about it makes me go “Ugh”. 😛

Whale oil. It glows now. Not sure that’s a good sign. (The keening of the whales is as loud as the citizens being slaughtered. So haunting…)

Finally made it to the docks. The ship to the left my possible means of escape from the city.

Stay warm out there!

Virtual Tourists – Dishonored 2 12/4/16


Hubby was sick during the Thanksgiving holiday so I detoxed from all the overtime and stress at work with Deus Ex. 😛 Hubby though had already purchased Dishonored 2 for both of us, so I started it this weekend. (He’s already finished both!)

Dishonored 2

Spiffy loading screen. Dishonored 2 is set 15 years after the first game. You also end up with the choice of playing Corvo again or his daughter Emily.

Tutorial Section

Whales are still very much a strong motif in the game. 😛 The tutorial is from Emily’s POV as she’s being trained by Corvo. Emily is a bit of a whiner. lol.

Whales are still in all their decorating! lol.

The art for the city is lovely. Great attention to detail.

That is one gruesome whale. Look at those teeth!

Game Beginning

Emily and Corvo are about to enter the main hall at Dunwall tower. It is the 15th Anniversary of Emily’s mother’s assassination. The prior empress.

The people are still rather rough looking. lol. That’s Corvo’s profile on the left. He’s Emily’s Protector as he was for her mother.

The party pooper – Delilah. An unseen yet major player in the first game. Thought we were done with her, but somehow she’s managed to come back. And so the troubles begin.

She has some major sorcery going on. Since I chose to play Emily, she’s wrapping Corvo up in a stone skin.

A piece of artwork in the tower. Time for me to make my escape.

Have a lovely Sunday!