Virtual Tourist – Dues Ex: Mankind Divided 9/25/16

Morning all!

The Chaos continues. Every time I think it is about to let up – BAM! More chaos!

Anyway, upgraded my video card as I was having issues with the videos in the game. Started over to see those bits and also discovered that the images themselves became even more awesome. So retook a few. 😛

Airliner crash in the news. Caused by an aug with PTSD – or so they believe.

Our virtual news reporter is back!

That hairdo is killing me! 😛

The abandoned hotel in Dubai. Really would have been impressive if they’d finished it.

Mac – he doesn’t like me much. Feeling is mutual. Though I do like to poke at him.

The Boss – Miller

Our approach in.

I took this same exact image the first time! Freaked me out when I saw that this morning. lol.

So much more detail! Ooooh!

That sandstorm really looks scary, doesn’t it? 😛

Got day 3 of Fencon this morning. So gotta run!