Virtual Tourist – Grim Fandango 8/7/16

Morning everyone!
2016 continues its crazy ride. I’m surviving, but man it’s getting old. 😛

Grim Fandango
Year 1

Now that I have my buddy back we can finally leave this place and go after Meche.

One last look at Rubacava as I leave everything behind. Back to mopping once again.

Isn’t that a gorgeous morning?


Year 2

And once more, Manny takes his new workplace and makes it his own. He’s got skillz!

Meet Captain Manny Calavera. Heh heh. (Love the Aztec look an all the awesome chrome. Heh heh)

Oh yeah!

Still in touch with the revolutionaries.

The pigeons are still freaky. Love his helmet though. 😛

Full view of Manny’s awesome ride. 🙂

Then things go bad. They want Manny out of the way.

Such a clean and awesome engine control room. His boddu really does good work.

Have a great Sunday. Next weekend is Animefest. Will have to see if I get a chance to pre-prep some posts or not. Whee!

Virtual Tourist – Grim Fandango 7/10/16

Morning all!
Still slowly killing myself at the day job. Wheee!

Grim Fandango
Year 1

Oh noes! Shifty eyed forger is trying to turn the tables. The gun there is one of those flower ones that kills the dead. Eek!

At the lighthouse for a rendezvous!

Someone got to her first!

Not quite gone yet. But it is spreading.

What a nasty way to redie.

Back at the tattoo artist’s place. Still icky! 😛

Oopsie! Someone go beddie bye. Heh heh. The plan is one step closer to fruition.

The law is displeased. The plan continues apace!

Such a fancy uniform for a 1 cop town. 😛

He’s played right into my hands! Bwahahaha! He’s shutting down Manny’s club.

Opulent office no? And so quick to hear of cash drying out.

Now my buddy is out of the VIP lounge and we can move to the next step. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!

Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

Virtual Tourist – Grim Fandango 6/12/16


Nope, not dead yet. Sorry to have disappeared. Between the chaos at the day job and conventions, my whole schedule has been borked. 😛

Grim Fandango
Rubacava – Year 1

Manny’s small casino roulette area. I love the mural backsplash. 🙂

The morgue. Those are two dead by way of killer flower growth.

Outside the morgue and police offices. Cool state on the top of the building, no?

Way to the VIP Large Casino at the racetrack. Love the wall coverings!

Has a super cool elevator front too! No?

Inside the VIP Casino. That is one huge catb statue!

About to put the squeeze to the lawyer. 😛

My buddy really has a bad gambling problem. And I didn’t help any. DOH.

Kitchen in the VIP Casino. Isn’t that tile work awesome?

They have a lot of wine! Dang. Though since it is in metal casks, undead wine must be a little different. Huh.

Hallway to the secret vault only accessible through the wine cellar elevator.

A better view of the hallway. Love the engravings. 🙂

Hope you have a fabulous Sunday!

Virtual Tourist – Grim Fandango 5/8/16

Morning! And Happy Mother’s Day!

Grim Fandango
Year 1

Famous racing cat! Big sucker, no?

Lowest level of the coliseum tower.

Long view of the dock and blimp. Cool stone engravings.

End of the dock. Staring out to see. Oh, Meche!

Tattoo parlor down the way. Weird setup, no? 😛

Finally get to pump security for info. 🙂

The Blue Casket joint. Isn’t the poster just too cool?

Interior of the Blue Casket. Very bohemian. 😛 Also full of revolutionaries.

The owner reciting poetry.

Back at Manny’s bar pumping an old client for info. Note the awesome mural. Why did I not take a better picture of that? Huh huh huh?

Not sure what happened here. Though it appears I am taking the elevator.

A more lively area of the docks. Worker bees trying to keep warm.

I got them riled up with revolutionary rhetoric but unfortunately the cops clamped down on the main bee. Boo!

Lovely lighthouse at the end of the bay.

Have a great day!

Virtual Tourist – Grimm Fandango 4/24/16


Grimm Fandango
Rubacava – Year 1

Cruise Ship carrying off Mecha! Nooo!

Asking the Captain for help!

Lots of the city to see!

Blue Casket Hotel – isn’t she pretty?

Elevator from the Hotel. Going up the stairs there take you back to Calavera’s. 🙂

Police HQ and Morgue. Love the building! Looks like a ship, no?

The Morgue – the plant riddled corpses are increasing. Not good.

Blimp currently docked at Rubacava.

Tower with security checkpoint for the blimp.

Blimp security station. Got to do some fast talking and funky puzzle solving. 😛

Entrance to the Cat Races Coliseum. (Down the tower instead of up.) Neat looking place. 🙂

View down into the Coliseum.

Hope you have an awesome Sunday!

Virtual Tourist – Grim Fandango 4/10/16

Morning! Running super, duper late.
Between work and trying not to catch a cold, life has been nothing but CHAOS! Whee! (Did see “Eye in the Sky” – good movie! Just didn’t get to do a review. Felt horrible Friday – suckers take 2 hours and life is FULL) 🙁

Grim Fandango

This handsome dude lives in Rubacava. Got to meet him after I fell off the cliff into the brink. 😛

Thanks to his intell, I was able to give my old client news on his wife. It also landed me his old job so I can wait for Meche.

Year 1

Manny has been waiting for Meche. It has now been a year. Many things have changed.

He looks very Casa Blanca no? Heh heh. Manny now owns his own place – looks just like Humphrey Bogart. 😛

View from his porch of the Rubacava and the bay.

Inside his swank apartment/office

This table here holds a secret! Flips to show a machine that let’s him control the roulette table.

Floor below Manny’s apartment and also entryway to the club. He has a coat checker and everything! 😛

Bar and Lounge area of the club. Glottis plays some mean keys!

The Casino area of the club.

View of Manny’s club entrance. Swank!

Could that be…Meche? At last!

A little birdie bringing Manny info from his rebel friends!

The plot thickens!!!


Have a restful day!

Virtual Tourist – Grim Fandango 3/27/16

Rushing through this morning! Wheee!

Petrified Forest

Trying to use the street sign to discover a secret tunnel out of here.

Found it! Whoohoo!

And the key to the locked gate! Booyah!

Driving over the bone bridge out of the Petrified Forest


Where will the road lead?

First sign of civilization!


Exploring the edge of Rubacava

It’s a dinner!

An ex-client!

A misstep! Eek!

Meeting someone new the hard way. Good thing Manny is already dead. 😛

Have a great one!

Virtual Tourist – Grim Fandango 2/14/16

Morning! And Happy Valentine’s Day!


Grim Fandango

Side view of Manny’s building. Open window he’s standing in front of is Don’s office. You can see one of the skeletal pigeons on the ledge. 🙂

Back in the Secret Base! I finally figured out (cheated) how to make a copy of my teeth.


Secret tunnel out of the city!


Exit of the secret tunnel. The city is in the background. Nice mood shot! 🙂


My buddy’s elemental heart. Which he ripped out himself. Have to say that was one weird sequence. lol.


Some of the denizens of the forest. Creepy little buggers!


Where the heart ended up after my buddy’s impassioned soliloquy.  He’s so crazy. lol.


Don and in the shadows – the true power behind what set all of this in motion. He is not pleased by current events.

A tree marrow sucking plant. Took me a bit to get a clue about what to do here. (More cheating!)

My buddy is going for an unexpected ride. Heh heh heh.


From plain 40’s black car to super souped up ride! Sweet!

Demon Fire Beavers! And they eat bones. Eek!


Have an awesome Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine

Virtual Tourist – Grim Fandango 1/31/16


I went ahead and changed the photo watermark. The first one seemed a little too intrusive? Love how you can just change it and it affects all photos! Sweet!

Grim Fandango

The secret lift to the Rebel’s HQ! Bwahahaha!

The Secret Rebel Base! And yes, the lady at the table should look somewhat familiar. lol.

Inside front of Don’s office without Don. Heh. Love the glass door!

Day of the Dead Festival. So close and yet so far.

This is as close as you can get to the festival. And the sad gentleman in the tent to the right? One of the most important people you will meet. His balloon animals and empty balloons are integral to the game play! Bwahahahahaha!

Front facade for the building Manny works at. So 40’s!

Have a wonderful restful Sunday!

Virtual Tourist – Grim Fandango 1/17/16

Good morning!

It’s a bit chilly out there today. Brrrr

Grim Fandango

Manny in his ‘work’ attire – scythe and all!

The mechanic and Manny’s driver. He got a little carried away with changing the car so he could drive it. Doh!

But it does look awesome in the dark! See the flames as it zooms to catch and pass Manny’s rival. heh heh. A true vision from the underworld.

Manny’s surprise as he looks at his first high end customer in a long time. (The dead are in cocoons he has to open with the scythe)

Meet Meche – a newly departed soul.

Meche all dolled up and discussing travel options to the afterlife with Manny.

Manny’s boss. He’s not too happy at the moment. 😛

Manny and his scythe. 😛

Manny’s been recruited to a higher cause. Whether he wants to or not! 😛

Have a fabulous Sunday!