Virtual Tourist – Final Fantasy XIV 11/6/16


Final Fantasy XIV
La Noscea
God’s Grip

Desolate looking, isn’t it?

A new mission!

My mismatched armor. lol

Look at that view!

It’s like we’ve gone to West World. 😛

Nice symbols! The town is inside a small cave system. Easy to get lost even though it’s not that big! 😛

Head honcho of this desolate place.

Small little garden inside the town.

Eerie looking. Has no bottom.

Meeting my evil boyfriend one last time. The mystery of why he is like he is is revealed! Poor sod.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

Virtual Tourist – Final Fantasy XIV 7/17/16


Final Fantasy XIV
La Noscea
Mist (Player Housing Are in La Noscea)

Beachfront player home locations. Sweet!

Nice white beach too! Nice gazebo area as well.

A really nice area. Too bad we can’t afford player housing yet. 😛

Nice night view.

God’s Grip

Looks super cool, no?

A shipyard in La Noscea’s God’s Grip

Guiding light!

Oh! The sun about to make an appearance!

These are quite neat! Not only do they warn/guide you into the bay, but they could be used to house lookouts in times of trouble.

How cool is that? Wolves’ Den Pier.

Lovely arena/training space.

Such a cute little place! Have always had a thing for tiled roofs. 🙂

May your Sunday be a peaceful and fruitful one. 🙂

Virtual Tourist – Final Fantasy XIV 1/3/16

Hope everyone is having a great morning!

Final Fantasy XIV

Golden Saucer

Missed one last pic for the Golden Saucer last week. Really a neat place. 🙂

Dungeon – Sastasha (In La Noscea)

Doesn’t look friendly does he? 😛

Dungeons in FF XIV are not what I am used to. You have to have parties of 4. They do have a neat cue system though, so you’re not forced to be on at the same time as other friends to do a dungeon. You get bonuses if anyone in the party has never been there, completion speed, etc. Which means I have to take pics during the intro movie because once we’re in people speed on! 🙂

Loved all the glowing flora here.

Pirate dude.

Unhappy creature. Him and his peeps have taken this place for a spawning ground?

I believe they are trying to summon one of the old gods.

Dungeon – Tam-Tara Deepcroft (In the Black Shroud)

Our second dungeon! A very dark place, so pics are so-so.

See what I mean? 😛 You have to look closely to see stuff on this one.

This has better detail.

The objective!

Hope your entry into 2016 has been joyous so far! 🙂