Picture Kaleidoscope 4/13/16

Had to do a backup before upgrading WordPress so now I have little time to finish this post. DOH! Time to hurry, hurry, hurry!

Red Cabins by Michael A Blanchette at Earthshots.org. Funny thing is it is the sky and mountain that grabbed me first. 😛

Look at the sky on this one! Called Rosy Inlet – nice work Mr. Blanchette!

Happy Holi by Rajib Singha at Earthshorts.org – such lovely colors! Lots of other cool pics at his flicker account. Very nice!

Have to run! Have a great and colorful day!


Picture Kaleidoscope 4/6/16

Good morning all!

Loved the color difference between the two cloud systems. The darker one looks somewhat like something from a disaster movie. 😛

A lot of whites and grays that day.

Was trying to capture the dragon. See below!

Dragon! Dragon! Dragon!!!! I could not believe it. Wished I’d been able to get it from the better angle, but I was driving. Had to snap it at the stop sign. 😛

Friend gave me these for my b-day. Isn’t this the cutest idea ever?

So cute!!!!!

Have a great one!

Picture Kaleidoscope 3/30/16

Morning! The weather is looking frightful for this afternoon. Eek!

Red Deer During Rutting by Dirk Manderbach at Earthshots.org. Interesting angle! You just have to look at it. Heh heh. No website for Mr. Manderbach. 🙁

La Haya by Renato Lopez Baldo at Earthshots.org. Has a neat fairy tale look and feel to it, don’t you think? His gallery is full of cool stuff, even National Geographic covers!

Sunset Over Washington by Davo Muttiah at Earthshots.org. Lovely composition. More lovely stuff at his site. 🙂

Have an awesome day!

Picture Kaleidoscope 3/16/16


Going to be a quick post today. 🙂


ChibiChains - super small earrings

My daughter does chainmail jewelry. She created these two pairs this week. She’s upped her game. These are made with super tiny rings! Aren’t they gorgeous? Blows my mind. 🙂



We have a red leafed tree in our yard. It goes through a transition very fast once it flowers. It’s so quick, I’ve missed it before. 😛 Thought I would share three different moments from 2016 so you can see what it does. I LOVE the cute little blossoms. 🙂


The in between stage – half flowers half leaves.



The final stage – mostly leaves. 🙂 And all this before spring is even officially here!

Have an awesome day!

Picture Kaleidoscope 3/9/16



A Yosemite Night by Alan W. at Earthshots.org. Brighter than you’d expect, no? Lots of lovely nature pics at his Flicker site.

Ice Age by Wilson Ng at Eathshots.org. More cool stuff at his site as well. Nice!

 These Mesmerizing Photos Show Tall Buildings Framing the Sky by Michael Zhang from Petapixel. Photography by Andy Yeung. (Looks like they’ve locked the image urls so I can only point you over there, not give a sneak peek. But these are fun! So well worth going to look!)


Picture Kaleidoscope 3/2/16


Sharing my own stuff this week. 🙂

Is this not the cutest thing ever? So cute!

Sunrise season is back!

Another odd unintended effect that came out looking neat! (And it looks like I have myself on square setting. DOH)

Looks very sharp?

Very unusual clouds on this day. Almost looks like chainmail!

Gorgeous blooms, but they go so quickly! Glad I caught them this year. 🙂

Hit the jackpot this morning! Look at those colors!

Works even better when I’m not in the car. 😛 Aren’t those purples lovely?

Softer hues on the left side. 🙂

More pics in the album, if you want to see more. Feel free to comment or add a rating.

Have an awesome day!

Picture Kaleidoscope 2/24/16

Project at work is still beating me down, so this will be a quick one. Sorry!


Admiring of Red by Linn Smith at Earthshots.org. Lovely reds and greens! No website for her though. 🙁

Fire and Ice by Kevin D. Jordan at Earthshots.org. Love the added splash!

Kevin D. Jordan has lots of lovely shots at his site to feed your eyes with. 🙂

A Starry Fairy Tale by Yi Jiang at Earthshots.org. It really does like one, doesn’t it? Lovely!  More lovely stuff at his flicker site. 🙂

Have a great day!

Picture Kaleidoscope 2/17/16


Have a BIG project at work, so this will be quick! Apologies!

San Francisco Sunrise by Mike Zampelli at Earthshots.org  Look at those awesome colors!

Underneath a Frozen Lake by Victor Liu at Earthshots.org More awesome colors!

Vermilion Lake in Winter by Carl Pan at Earthshots.org – dang! More awesome colors! Woot!

Okay, gotta go! Have a great one!

Picture Kaleidoscope 2/10/16


Running late… as usual!  :mrgreen:

I love this kind of thing. They ball at the top changes colors! Taken at Wasabi and Wok. (Yummy food!)

And nothing says Happy Chinese New Year like a cute bamboo set. 🙂 Taken at Wasabi and Wok.

Cool kit car I saw over the weekend! More pics of it at the album.

Fluffy skies!

Lots of pink that morning. 🙂

Kind of a neat effect on this one, no?

Unintended outcome but looks rather cool! But then, I’m biased. 😛


Nature’s contrast. She does paint beautiful pictures. 🙂

I’ll let you off the hook… for now! Bwahahahaha!

Have an awesome day!



Picture Kaleidoscope 2/3/16


This week has seemed real hard for some reason. Huh.


Etna Power by Nunzio Santisi at Earthshots.org – WOW! Nature is amazing! Mr. Santisi has other landscapes, macro, and more at this site. Nice work!

Another unusual shot! Fighting and Yelling by David Hua at Earthshots.org. He has lots of lovely animal photography at his site.


Hidden Garden by Perri Schelat at Earthshots.org – Perfect scene for a romance or fantasy no? 🙂 Lots of lovely landscapes at his site. Sweet!

I Waited for 117 Hours in -50°C Temperatures to Snap These Polar Bear Photos article and photography by Daisy Gilardini at PetaPixel. That’s dedication! She’s got a ton of bear pics and cold environ pics at her site as well. Brrrr.

17 of Apple’s Favorite iPhone 6S Portrait Photos by Michael Zhang at Earthshots.org Photo by Jirasak Panpiansin, Chaiyaphum Province, Thailand

Have an awesome day!