Virtual Tourist – The Vanishing of Ethan Carter 1/29/17

Survived another week, yay!

Realized I’d forgotten to share more pics from this game.  Can’t have that! It’s so pretty!

Vanishing of Ethan Carter

They do have the most gorgeous skies ever!

A flashback into Ethan’s past. Kid’s fort now turned super creepy.

The woods that are in the back of the small town.

An odd cemetery and church nestled in the woods.

The side of one of the crypts.

Front of the crypts. With all the rocks it looks like graves were hard to do, and so they created vaults?

A vision of the cemetery. There’s something I need to find.

The church by the cemetery. It has a Viking vibe to it, no?

Grave marker?

Front of the church. With a good view of the bell tower.

Hope you have a fruitful day!

Virtual Tourist – The Vanishing of Ethan Carter 7/24/16


The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Crossing the bridge into town. Is that not an awesome sky?

 Cascading waters

About to hit town

Looking back the way I came

Entering the first home and about to enter a weird puzzle. Loved the little sailboat plaque.

The doorway on the right has become a portal. Truly a creative puzzle.

Balcony on the same house. Another cool plaque. (The plaques are just cool and are not part of the room puzzle. :P)

There is a large building a ways down by the cascading river. But the way there will remain a mystery for a while.

Plants, dirt, and more can be found in the attic. 😛

Figuring out the rooms puzzle will reveal a secret room! This is where everything started to go wrong for Ethan.

Is that not the most quaint and cutest thing? (Yes, I’m weird. But details so matter!)

Have a fabulous Sunday!town

Virtual Tourist – The Vanishing of Ethan Carter 7/3/16

Life has been one giant mass of CHAOS lately! Whee!
Been working a ton of hours at the day job. And doing conventions, and, and, and…
Sorry for the sporadic posting.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
(Bought some Sea Banks to help with the dizziness I get from the game. Hopefully it will allow me to keep playing it. So pretty!)

View from the closed rail road bridge.

A look back the way I came.

As you can see, the bridge is somewhat mangled. With the tracks bent, something pretty bad happened to it.

View of the lake from the bridge. You can see a dam/bridge in the distance. Love the fog!

Forest view from the bridge.

Railroad small service engine. Will get to play with it late. 🙂

Such lovely details!

A trail of blood from the tracks. Aside from the traps, first real sign things are not well here.

Shore of the lake after following the small trail by the blood. (Also found a dead body.)

Traipsing through the woods looking for clues. Isn’t the sky just gorgeous?

Abandoned train station I ran across following the railroad tracks.

Did I mention they have gorgeous views? Heh heh

Getting closer to the bridge. Off overflow section?

I’ve reached the bridge. There are houses downstream and on the other side. Maybe answers lie there.

Hope you all have an awesome 4th of July Weekend!

Virtual Tourist – The Vanishing of Ethan Carter 5/29/16

This is SUPER late! Sorry!

Still having problems with the gallery and it locks up the whole site so I can’t post anything until it snaps out of it. 🙁

Anyway, started a new game to give me (and you) something different.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous graphics on this game! *drool*


Beginning screen


We start in a dark train tunnel


It’s like we pass a barrier!


Look at that detail!


The wind ruffles softly through the leaves


Pieces of clues from a hidden trap in the forest.


Trail off to the side of the railroad tracks. First peek at the lake.


Look at those clouds! The leaves floating in the wind!


The light fog over the forest.


Love love love the amazing skies in this thing!

Hope you are having a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!