Picture Kaleidoscope 5/25/16

Morning all!

Yosemite Falls Under Moon Light by Ning Lin at Earthshots.org – looks great! I am assuming the reflection is photo manipulation? I don’t see a lake. But still very cool! You can see more of his work at his flickr account. 🙂

Mountain Monastery by David Lazar at Earthshots.org – awesome view! He’s got even more fascinating pictures from around the globe at his site. 🙂

Owens River Valley by Harry Lichtman at Earthshots.org – loved the subdued pastels. Very soothing, no? His site has other pics with colors so vibrant they feel like a punch! 🙂

Sunrise Las ColinasSneaking in one of mine. Found a new vantage point where I can take pics without the window reflections. What do you think? 🙂 Sunrise in Las Colinas.

Have an awesome day!


Virtual Tourist – Final Fantasy XIV 2/7/16


Complications and complications! I don’t think the world can exist without them, do you? 😛 DOH!

Final Fantasy XIV

Player Housing in Ul’dah

Outside the player housing zone.

Different angle shot. You can see some of the Halloween decorations on the right. 🙂

Isn’t that a lovely pond? Nice!

The facade of one of the homes.

A Shrine to their sweetheart?

What awesome detail. Look at all the engravings! Sweet!


Totally love the look of this rise. The weird purple ring is our current objective.

Kikipu a merchant in need!

View of Ul’dah from outside the city. Lovely!

Copperbell Mines

Copperbell Mines Dungeon intro! Convoluted place.

Oh yeah!

Hope you have an awesome day!

Picture Kaleidoscope 12/2/15 – Puerto Rico Edition #2


I was able to upload all my pics of Puerto Rico from the trip in November.

While still a work in progress with regards to moving them into sub folders, I figuired I’d share now anyway. 🙂

The album software is Piwigo. Still trying to set up all the options. The Panoramic pics won’t show, so I still need to see if I can fix that.

Main Album is Puerto Rico. This one contains pics with no specific locations but also has unsorted pics from other locations I’ve yet to move to their sub folders.

Sub folders:

Caguas – where my uncle lives.

El Morro (Most of the pics for El Morro are still in the main folder. Doh!) – Spanish Fort in San Juan

El Yunque – National Rain Forest

Guajataca – city in the northeast – we stopped by the beach there.

Hope you enjoy them!