The Price of Mercy


The Price of Mercy


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 I especially recommend this to fans of Beauty and the Beast, who will, I think, enjoy a rather different take on it.

James Burke




Which is worse…the monster within or without?


Wooing a new patron at the emperor’s ball had been Jarrin Lestrave’s only hope after being discarded by the Baroness. He finds the perfect subject, but in the end, he doesn’t follow through on his plans. Yet the next day he discovers he’s been marked a traitor to the realm-for defiling the emperor’s daughter. Something which he did not do.

The Twelve, the emperor’s secret guard, are sent after him. And when they catch him, they do not kill him. A worse fate has been set aside for him. He is to lose his humanity and become enslaved to the empire for eternity.

Then he meets his accuser-Princess Yolandra. As he battles with his rising hatred and the invisible chains thrust upon him, he begins to see that all is not as it seems-his fate tied to the possible return of the madness which once before decimated the world around them.



It was her.

He’d thought he would never lay eyes on her again. Fool. She was supposedly the Emperor’s daughter, was she not? Why wouldn’t she be found at the Imperial Palace? Yet the idea never crossed his mind. He supposed he’d thought her station too lofty for her ever to be seen by a mere messenger. But this was her home, her family lived here, why would she be locked away?

Home-family-the two things he would never have, the two things forever denied him…because of her.

Anger welled inside him, the heat of it suffusing him to the core, gurgling with seething emotions the total opposite of the coolness splashing down from the fountain nearby. Before he realized what he was doing, Jarrin stepped inside the gazebo.


ISBN : 978-1934841983


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Free Short Story Prequel – Sylvanna


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Gloria Oliver - Unveiling the Fantastic - The Price of Mercy
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 I especially recommend this to fans of Beauty and the Beast, who will, I think, enjoy a rather different take on it.


Author: Gloria Oliver

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