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Vassal of El is a superb story, both enchanting and exciting.

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Torn between two worlds, will he be able to save either of them?


Torren wanted nothing more than to forget his past and endure the life it had forced upon him. One small, begrudging act of kindness, however, embarks him on a path that will bring him face to face with everything he has so heartily attempted to avoid.


In so doing, events that seemed to have no bearing on his old life now appear to be tangled with it and his present.


Caught between the world of his birth and the one he currently lives in, will Torren be able to set aside his hate and guilt long enough to keep both from utter destruction?




“So, look who we have here.”

Torren turned to the side, recognizing Elon’s voice. “What do you want?”

The young flyer gave him an unpleasant smile. “We’re doing our duty to our God, as we should. Though I very much doubt it is what you’re doing.”

Torren glanced upward toward the nearest spire looking for the guard but found the spot empty.

One of the four laughed. “Tyo, I think he’s looking for you.”

Glancing over his shoulder, he saw the one directly behind him was wearing armor and was armed. He cursed quietly to himself. He had the knife in his boot, but it would be hard to reach it in such close quarters. “I ask you again, what is it you want?”

“I’ve already told you,” Elon said, smiling widely, “we’re here to do El’s work.” The smile died. “You may think you’ve fooled everyone, but you’re wrong. Some of those old fools may be willing to believe anything just to allay their fears, but there are those of us who’d rather reveal the truth instead.”

Torren stiffened. “And what truth might that be?”

“Why, the truth about you, of course. We’re here to reveal you for the impostor you are.” As Elon spoke, all four Chosen took a step closer to him. “Take that off.”

Elon pointed to his vest.

Slowly moving as if to comply, Torren got ready to attack. As soon as he slipped one arm from the vest, he lunged right and elbowed the Flyer there in the ribs, knocking him back. He got a kick in on Elon before a blow from behind sent him to his knees. Before he could make his vision stop spinning and struggle back to his feet, all four Flyers closed in on him and wrestled him to the hard ground.

The stone walkway bit into Torren’s cheek as he struggled to free himself. “Let go of me!”

His pulse thundered at his temples, anger and frustration growing inside him. Laughing, Elon made sure the others had him firmly pinned before reaching into his drape to withdraw a small knife.

“Now we’ll reveal you for the liar you are.”



ISBN : 978-1934135990


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Published by Zumaya Publications




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Gloria Oliver - Unveiling the Fantastic - Vassal of El

Vassal of El is a superb story, both enchanting and exciting.


Author: Gloria Oliver

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