The Prince and Dai - prequel short for the Daiyu Wu Mysteries



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The Prince and Dai – A Daiyu Wu Mystery Prequel Short


A sudden and violent storm. A desperate call for help. Can she find them before it’s too late?

Dallas, TX 1925. Daiyu Wu will not allow her blindness to define her. So when a lightning-filled thunderstorm blows into town and she hears a barely perceptible cry, she must either act or leave whoever it is to their doom.

Plunging into the storm, Daiyu must battle the elements while striving to track down the intermittent wail. Yet the downpour continues to fight against her, and as the lightning cracks ever closer and the water starts to rise, it dawns on her she might have made a grave mistake!

Can Dai find the source of the call before it’s gone or she gets fried by lightning?


A Daiyu Wu Mystery – Prequel Short



My steps didn’t slow, but Jacques soon caught up. His presence was always comforting and achingly familiar. Lately, it had also been annoying—though it was unfair of me and not his fault. When we first met, we were about the same height, but in the last few months, his voice had deepened, and the location where it issued from was higher than before. Mǔqīn had mentioned that Jacques was going through a growth spurt. But I wasn’t so lucky, and I didn’t like it. I was a year older than him, for Pete’s sake!

It was silly, stupid, irrational, but it annoyed me all the same. “You don’t have to follow me everywhere, you know.”

I felt him shrink beside me, though his voice still came from above. “Did I do something wrong, Dai?” His new, deeper voice cracked.

“No. Of course not,” I said, mad at myself for being irritated over something he had no control of. “But you don’t have to drop everything and come running every time I decide to take a break or do something else.”

“I don’t mind.”

Saying that made me want to both hug him and whack him. “Not…the…point…Jacques.”




Kindle - Jacques - A Daiyu Wu Mysteries Prequel Short Story
The Prince and Dai

A sudden and violent storm. A desperate call for help. Can she find them before it's too late?


Author: Gloria Oliver

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