Will probably try to post a comment or two on movies I see for the week. My hubby is a movie nut and we got to the theaters every Friday. 🙂 This week’s film (though I had to make him see this one) was Kingdom of Heaven with Orlando Bloom. The whole topic of the Crusades and especially the Muslim is very fascinating. The Muslims were at the peak of their game during those times, their technology astounding.

Anyway, the film was fun! Orlando played a very reserved young man, but when he felt something, you knew it. The role was very well suited for him. Lots of drool fodder for us ladies from him I think. 🙂 We had good guys that were good, bad guys that were good, good guys that were bad–real people maybe. 🙂 Awesome film shots all around. Squirted blood for a splash of realism. Heck just watching the film for the awesome trebuche action was worth it!

Only bad thing I saw was that Orlando’s character did not have much in the way of troubles where he had to angst over the decisions. He had one major spot, but he made it pretty much without hesitation. But aside from that, loved everyone involved. Some very nice acting and definitely awesome special effects and battle scenes! Yay! ***1/2