Happily Never After
staring: George Carlin, Andy Dick, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lisa Kaplan, Michael McShane, Freddie Prinze Jr., Wallace Shawn

Premise: The wizard in charge of making sure that all the fairy tales in the kingdom come out exactly like the books time after time, takes a vacation leaving his two assistants in charge. The two assistants make a ruckus, and end up bringing the device for maintaining balance to the attention of Cinderella’s Wicked Step Mother. Tired that the goody slippers always win, she decides to take steps.

Review: It was sad, but this film was very disappointing. The comedy sidekicks were not funny. The prince, who was supposed to be pathetic, was funny! lol. And the plight of the kitchen boy trying to win the maiden’s hand and everyone convinced only a prince could do so was, well, a little weird. There were some definite cute moments. The wolves were a howl and the witch bikers on tripped out brooms were fun. But overall it just didn’t have spark. Looked like 3 studios had their hands in this one and maybe it was too many. Too bad. πŸ™ **3/4