It’s Monday! Run for your lives!


Here Comes The Boom Trailer – looks funny and poignant. Also LOVED the Samsung commercial before the trailer went on. 

Jack Reacher Trailer – looks like action action and bloody action. πŸ˜›

Lincoln Trailer – Oooo! This will be fun. Especially after as hubby and I hash it out, historically speaking. Bwahahahaha! (And it’s Spieldberg – I am so there!) 

Wolverine 2 2013 Trailer. Don’t know if it’s for real, but this was really pretty cool.

Jack the Giant Killer Trailer – trailer says June 2012 but it’s now slated for March 2013. Could be fun!

Darth Vader Therapy – ROFL. Loved, loved, loved his pick up song. lol

From Kristen Lamb – How “Personal” Should Writers Get On Social Media?

Building Your First Website: Resource List from Jane Friedman (Don’t know if I agree with Wiodpress being the way to go with a website, but I know enough to get in trouble on my own – a lot of people don’t. So this could work for them.)


The High Bar Of Finding And Agent Or Publisher by Jami Gold. So sad, but so true. Sniff.

Ask A Writer About Building A Better Character by Chuck (NSFW) Wendig.

Is Monday still here? Darn… πŸ˜›