This will probably be a quick one. Between all the OT and hubby’s cold, time is really at a premium. Eek!

Mission Impossible from The Piano Guys. Too cute! The out takes at the end are hilarious!
Some Geeky Home Theaters to Make You Jealous by Kyle Anderson from the Nerdist. (I am jealous! Dang!)
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Newly Found Comet Could Outshine the Moon from D News by Irene Klotz.
All Super Heroes Must Die trailer – this could be fun!

They Die by Dawn trailer – more westerns! (I think the trend cycles continues.) Lots of familiar faces. Should be fun.

Top 20 Social Media Marketing Articles from 2012 by The Social Media Examiner.


Agent Secrets  – Do Writers Need an Agent in the New Writing Paradigm? Guest blog post by Laurie McLean at Kristen Lamb’s Blog.

Did more than I expected. Yay!