N130505 01
It’s a howling moon…

N130505 02
The goo has stripped the flesh of the guy stuck in it. Ick.

N130505 03
Bad doings in the darkness.

N130505 04

N130505 05
Cool gate for a sewer

N130505 06
That’s more like it.

N130505 07
Mouse dudes.

N130505 08
Fire! Time to get out!

N130505 09
No really – FIRE! 

N130505 10
Ah the soothing fresh air of evening.

N130505 11
Big trouble maker.

N130505 12
Floating castle in the distance. Howl’s here? πŸ˜›

Zombie Sunday is about to begin at Dallas Comic Con. Heh heh heh.