Morning! This one will be a quick this week. Have a time crunch. Wheee!

Flooded Zone

D130815 01
Wanted posters for the leader of the assassins. From what hubby tells me, he will be the character I play on some of the expansions.

D130815 02
The statue is of the empress. It’s sad what’s happened to this whole zone.

D130815 03
View back towards the palace.

D130815 04
Saw this then waited till it came by again to take a picture. Disturbing. If you look closely, you can see the wrapped corpses being tipped from the train down towards the water. *shiver*

D130815 05
Lots of the giant armored sentries here. The only way out of the zone is the electrified gateway down the train tracks. I’ve died several times here – been finding out things kind of like the hard way. lol.

Have an awesome Sunday!