New week! New stuff! 🙂

300: Rise of an Empire Official International Trailer #1 – Ooo! Based on Frank Millers “Xerxes” so that gives me hope for the plot! Yeah!
C.O.G Official Trailer #1 – actually looks quite funny and cute!
Antboy Official Trailer #1 – this one should be adorable! 
The Monuments Men Official Trailer – I’m in! Looks like a fun one.
Philomena Official Trailer – Ooo has a lot of peeps I like. Looks like it will require hankies though.
Bad Milo! Official Red Band Trailer 1 – ROFL, it’s such a bizarre premise, it might just work. lol.


16 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pros by Cindy King at SocialMedia Examiner. Some decent ideas in this. Hmmm

Create a Personal Marketing and Promotional Plan by Louise Rose-Innes at Marketing For Romance Writers


Why Authors Need Other Authors by Suzanne van Rooyen at YATopia. It’s definitely good to know we’re not alone! 🙂

Gene Lempp lists a whole slew of resources again in his Writing Resources 17 August 2013 post. Go Gene!

A bit of fun at WHACK! Magazine – Interview with Chuck Wendig and Stephen Blackmore being asked questions normally only thrown at female authors. lol. Interview is by Lela Gwenn

Let’s have some fun this week!

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