Morning all!

Cemetery section

N130811 01
Yes, the city has a HUGE cemetery and with sections. Why did they ever doubt a necromancer would want to play here? lol

N130811 02
Not sure how they got the creepy constant weather. Heh heh

N130811 03
All sorts of tombstones here

N130811 04
Green fire at a cemetery? Never good.

N130811 05

N130811 06
Did like the purple fire lamps though. 🙂

N130811 07
Necromancer thought it’d be fun to use the clerics here as converts – whether they liked it or not.

N130811 08
Ack, forgot the B button. Didn’t want to miss the cool exit though

N130811 09
Giant green plume off in the distance – cannot be good

N130811 10
Stopped them in mid ritual. They pulled her soul out of her body while still alive. Nasty.

N130811 11
She has work for us to do.

N130811 12
Isn’t that pretty? And it kind of glows too!

Till next time!