Cemetery Section

D130914 01
Some nice purple flowers!

D130914 02
Love all the great creepy components. 🙂

D130914 03
They even have lichen/mold – the artists really go all out.

D130914 04
One neat thing about stopping to take virtual photos is that it makes me look around. And added bonus is that it helps me find stuff hubby missed on his previous times around. Heh heh

D130914 05
The light coming down was almost a shield of sorts.

D130914 06
While turning on clocks to get to the area we needed before the bad guys found a way through, we were sent to a shadowrealm to find several to activate. Watchmakers guild around here is super hard core!

D130914 07
So gloomy!

D130914 08
Look real hard at the area with the sun. The black cloud beside it is actually being generated by a dragon flying across the sky. You can see it’s head and one wing on the left of the cloud.

D130914 09
A player dress. Had seen it in white, but not red. Not sure why she’s glowing though. Heh

D130914 10
So deliciously creepy. Notice the shield on the right – Watchmaker’s symbol.

D130914 11
Better close up of the Watchemaker’s building.

D130914 12
I so LOVED this! A glass floor clock face with the clock gears below – beautiful!

D130914 13
The shaft ran up from the clockface to the ceiling. Gorgeous.

D130914 14
As we keep setting and turning on clocks, secret doors are revealed into long unused corridors. Look at the giant gears!

D130914 15
One of the clocks after we started it up. Water driven even!

D130914 16
More of the insanely sized clock works here.

D130914 17
Another opened dark passage.

D130914 18
This looked totally cool. The ward actually turns like a clock. 🙂

D130914 19
The baddie we were trying to beat here still beat us. Her goal? The blue dragon on the right. The goal we didn’t know about? Getting the information on how to create a Dracolich. She teleported out with her gains before we could do anything.

D130914 20
She did leave us a present though. A giant poisonous spider to play with. o.O 

D130914 21
Final clock face. Isn’t it the coolest?

There’s just so much awesome stuff out in the world!