Morning! Sooo sleepy today. 🙂

Everquest Landmark

EQ 140418 01
The world and I do some strange stuff occassionally. Here’s the zone from underneath without dirt. Heh.

EQ 140418 02
Great sky views

EQ 140424 01
Hubby’s home in the early stages

EQ 140424 02
View from his front porch

EQ 140424 03
A neighbor built this on top of a mountain

EQ 140424 04
A very early pic of what I am up to. Though I ran out of obsidian and had to swtich to stone

EQ 140425 01
Super cool village we found. Some awesome work.

EQ 140425 02
Very detailed stuff

EQ 140425 03
Loved their church

EQ 140425 04
The guys said they knew this, but it seems we have two suns. I thought it was a glitch!

EQ 140503 01
My obsidian stairwell with light orb stairs. Spryte helped me align the orbs. (I also finally figured out how to get rid of the UI!)

EQ 140503 02
Works great too! Just run on up

EQ 140503 03
View from above.

EQ 140503 04

EQ 140503 05
My above ground floor. The one above will be a garden. Also will dig down. This one I will leave open

EQ 140503 06
Say hello to my little well! Need to take a better pic with the lights on. Heh
EQ 140503 13
I am so making headway! Squee!

Have an awesome day!