Life continues to be a giant ball of AGGGHHHHH, but I did sneak in a little game time this week.

Mission 3

140530 01
Still in the dark and dreary old library zone.

140530 02
This gave me fits. Three ropes to climb up with and none of them would let me. Took forever to find the right angle spot that finally let me grab it. Should have been super EASY! Something definitely not right with the mapping here.

140530 03
One good thing about it though, got me to go down another corridor and discover a collectible! Figurine of a monk.

140530 04
My shadow! Hah!

140530 05
Nice shot of Garrett shuffling on the beams

140530 06
Ah and even better one. You have to move up to the next set quick as this one will break. So mean!

140530 07
Poor schmuck.

140530 08
Getting the book out of the library has now caused other things to occur. Mainly the kidnapping of my fence. Nooo! 

Have a great Sunday!