Fan Fun

Into the Woods Trailer #2 – this is going to be twisted. lol.
PAN Trailer – Blackbeard, Hook, and Peter – Prequel time! Woot!
Strange Magic Official Trailer #1 – should be interesting. lol.
Even Santa Poops – – These guys crack me UP!

Social Media/Author Platform

The Best Reason to Blog 2014 from Jami Gold. Connections can be so totally AWESOME! As pretty big introvert myself, I totally get it. πŸ™‚

How to Design Social Media Images For Brand Recognition by Anna Guerrero at the Social Media Examiner. Some nice tips!

Writing Advice

A Writers Guide To Surviving The Holiday Party by Liz Crowe – guest post at Kristen Lamb’s blog. Hah, funny, way too real, and helpful stuff here. πŸ™‚ (She might just be channeling her inner Chuck Wendig, too! Heh heh.)

Why It’s Important To FInish Your Shit by Chuck (NSFW) Wendig – great list! And one of the biggest obstacles for new writers.

Woot! I did it! An actual full blog post! Yay!