Tried a new game (for me) yesterday. Multiplayer First Person Shooter. Has PVP (Bleah!) as well as PVE (YEAH!) zones. Ended up getting dizzy as sin but it was definitely intense!

ZMR – Zombies, Monsters, Robots

Part of the Newbie Tutorial – shows you how to move, roll, run, shoot, throw grenades, heal others. All your necessary survival skills!

How to pick up things, etc. 

Graphics are pretty decent as you can see.

Me and hubby on our first map.

When waiting to cycle or if you can’t get in (I waited too long to hit the button) you can switch views to get the lay of the land or see the action from one of the teams’ shoulders. heh. 

Lovely, no?

Multi-segment mission – clear the village of insurgents.

Keep the docks clear and wait for the boat (Also got to get into mecs on this one! Sweet! Forgot to take a pic)

Landfall after boarding said boat and getting shot at by helicopters. Too much action and totally forgot to take a pic of the helicopters. Here, you have to work your way up the beach. Massive bad guys. Hubby and another person got killed off. I survived through the timer but there was no way I could kill enough of them to go to the next step. Boo!

Login Character screen. Got me a snazzy hat. lol. 

Lobby of the game where you can see what rooms are open, inventory, upgrades, etc.

I just wish it had not made me so sick. Waaaahhhhh
Have a great day!