I went ahead and changed the photo watermark. The first one seemed a little too intrusive? Love how you can just change it and it affects all photos! Sweet!

Grim Fandango

20160131074715 28b4fb37 me

The secret lift to the Rebel’s HQ! Bwahahaha!

20160131074717 27726bd3 me

The Secret Rebel Base! And yes, the lady at the table should look somewhat familiar. lol.

20160131074719 4366ac6e me

Inside front of Don’s office without Don. Heh. Love the glass door!

20160131074706 b02f160c me

Day of the Dead Festival. So close and yet so far.

20160131074708 ced7cc8c me

This is as close as you can get to the festival. And the sad gentleman in the tent to the right? One of the most important people you will meet. His balloon animals and empty balloons are integral to the game play! Bwahahahahaha!

20160131074711 d10f61c6 me

Front facade for the building Manny works at. So 40’s!

Have a wonderful restful Sunday!