Rushing through this morning! Wheee!

Petrified Forest

20160327072109 d4875822 me

Trying to use the street sign to discover a secret tunnel out of here.

20160327072110 d299c3a5 me

Found it! Whoohoo!

20160327072111 ac3ab37e me

And the key to the locked gate! Booyah!

20160327072112 634789a6 me

Driving over the bone bridge out of the Petrified Forest

20160327072113 f525bbeb me


20160327072114 c3a15d51 me

Where will the road lead?

20160327072115 f3331ed3 me

First sign of civilization!


20160327072104 c89c8ec7 me

Exploring the edge of Rubacava

20160327072105 9ce5a569 me

It’s a dinner!

20160327072106 fa00ae00 me

An ex-client!

20160327072107 4c854357 me

A misstep! Eek!

20160327072108 2f7eace3 me

Meeting someone new the hard way. Good thing Manny is already dead. 😛

Have a great one!