Grim Fandango Remastered

Virtual Tourist – Grim Fandango 3/27/16

Rushing through this morning! Wheee!

Petrified Forest

Trying to use the street sign to discover a secret tunnel out of here.

Found it! Whoohoo!

And the key to the locked gate! Booyah!

Driving over the bone bridge out of the Petrified Forest


Where will the road lead?

First sign of civilization!


Exploring the edge of Rubacava

It’s a dinner!

An ex-client!

A misstep! Eek!

Meeting someone new the hard way. Good thing Manny is already dead. 😛

Have a great one!

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Gloria Oliver

Expert party wallflower, Gloria loves manga and anime. Movies, too. Darn right. Books, oh yeah. Her 8th novel “Alien Redemption” will see publication in late 2019 from Zumaya Publications. For sample chapters and more, please visit

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