Grimm Fandango
Rubacava – Year 1

20160423183818 e81dc9b6 me

Cruise Ship carrying off Mecha! Nooo!

20160423183819 b0207992 me

Asking the Captain for help!

20160423183820 e53ba227 me

Lots of the city to see!

20160423183822 75b96c60 me

Blue Casket Hotel – isn’t she pretty?

20160423183823 2ea5ee5f me

Elevator from the Hotel. Going up the stairs there take you back to Calavera’s. 🙂

20160423183825 f14963fe me

Police HQ and Morgue. Love the building! Looks like a ship, no?

20160423183826 7f01b8ed me

The Morgue – the plant riddled corpses are increasing. Not good.

20160423183828 746447b1 me

Blimp currently docked at Rubacava.

20160423183829 4ffab10a me

Tower with security checkpoint for the blimp.

20160423183830 13b1d00e me

Blimp security station. Got to do some fast talking and funky puzzle solving. 😛

20160423183814 6c7e8bdf me

Entrance to the Cat Races Coliseum. (Down the tower instead of up.) Neat looking place. 🙂

20160423183816 e6b2c724 me

View down into the Coliseum.

Hope you have an awesome Sunday!