Morning! And Happy Mother’s Day!

Grim Fandango
Year 1
20160508071922 87e4d0f5 me

Famous racing cat! Big sucker, no?

20160508071925 f097b9aa me

Lowest level of the coliseum tower.

20160508071927 2b50812a me

Long view of the dock and blimp. Cool stone engravings.

20160508071929 d117175c me

End of the dock. Staring out to see. Oh, Meche!

20160508071931 71a56d5d me

Tattoo parlor down the way. Weird setup, no? 😛

20160508071933 97088e5c me

Finally get to pump security for info. 🙂

20160508071935 1913beae me

The Blue Casket joint. Isn’t the poster just too cool?

20160508071937 8a13c6f8 me

Interior of the Blue Casket. Very bohemian. 😛 Also full of revolutionaries.

20160508071939 b429c1a4 me

The owner reciting poetry.

20160508071940 aec65bc9 me

Back at Manny’s bar pumping an old client for info. Note the awesome mural. Why did I not take a better picture of that? Huh huh huh?

20160508071942 4f6a4da0 me

Not sure what happened here. Though it appears I am taking the elevator.

20160508071944 f491bbd6 me

A more lively area of the docks. Worker bees trying to keep warm.

20160508071946 591a640e me

I got them riled up with revolutionary rhetoric but unfortunately the cops clamped down on the main bee. Boo!

20160508071948 abf29428 me

Lovely lighthouse at the end of the bay.

Have a great day!