Final Fantasy XIV
Highbridge and Remembrance Day pics

20160515073910 ab84f726 me

Inclement weather – nicely detailed too!

20160515073919 e8c33211 me

Outside Highbridge. Love the cave entrance and cave windows!

20160515073926 01d4a2fe me

The arches and tile work really spice up the place, no?

20160515073932 247387b0 me

The true leader of Ul’dah during Remembrance Day. So cute!

20160515073937 d4eeff7a me

Ul’dah’s leader and her general

20160515073808 3a61369d me

The Twins – they know a lot more than they tell. 😛

20160515073816 65c3bfa0 me

More awesome tile work. The little windows are also fab!

20160515074118 a77ba899 me

Stage area in New Gridania

20160515073833 31eeb26c me

Cute waterfalls in New Gridania

20160515073846 74bcf7d3 me

Wasps and carnivorous plants. Eek!

20160515073857 c111d8cf me

Masked people in the middle of the forest – can’t be good!

Hope you have a fabulous day!