Life has been one giant mass of CHAOS lately! Whee!
Been working a ton of hours at the day job. And doing conventions, and, and, and…
Sorry for the sporadic posting.

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
(Bought some Sea Banks to help with the dizziness I get from the game. Hopefully it will allow me to keep playing it. So pretty!)

20160703075535 25ac66ec me

View from the closed rail road bridge.

20160703075538 8280b90e me

A look back the way I came.

20160703075541 42b2a04f me

As you can see, the bridge is somewhat mangled. With the tracks bent, something pretty bad happened to it.

20160703075546 6c5dce20 me

View of the lake from the bridge. You can see a dam/bridge in the distance. Love the fog!

20160703075549 61332a59 me

Forest view from the bridge.

20160703075552 9a8041fb me

Railroad small service engine. Will get to play with it late. 🙂

20160703075555 cd5bcb21 me

Such lovely details!

20160703075557 b37666d0 me

A trail of blood from the tracks. Aside from the traps, first real sign things are not well here.

20160703075601 0ad75ca6 me

Shore of the lake after following the small trail by the blood. (Also found a dead body.)

20160703075603 a1505edc me

Traipsing through the woods looking for clues. Isn’t the sky just gorgeous?

20160703075606 e537d231 me

Abandoned train station I ran across following the railroad tracks.

20160703075609 b01fb8e3 me

Did I mention they have gorgeous views? Heh heh

20160703075611 b7eff616 me

Getting closer to the bridge. Off overflow section?

20160703075614 6ac6d0e1 me

I’ve reached the bridge. There are houses downstream and on the other side. Maybe answers lie there.

Hope you all have an awesome 4th of July Weekend!