Final Fantasy XIV
La Noscea
Mist (Player Housing Are in La Noscea)

20160717055657 57c660e4 me

Beachfront player home locations. Sweet!

20160717055707 704db5b1 me

Nice white beach too! Nice gazebo area as well.

20160717055717 d2492ecd me

A really nice area. Too bad we can’t afford player housing yet. 😛

20160717055726 c8c25e7f me

Nice night view.

God’s Grip

20160717055734 e1eaf0e3 me

Looks super cool, no?

20160717055742 0d5799b0 me

A shipyard in La Noscea’s God’s Grip

20160717055750 6a35bcbe me

Guiding light!

20160717055800 5752f247 me

Oh! The sun about to make an appearance!

20160717055805 35c44f6a me

These are quite neat! Not only do they warn/guide you into the bay, but they could be used to house lookouts in times of trouble.

20160717055810 4ab60431 me

How cool is that? Wolves’ Den Pier.

20160717055818 e23c3e11 me

Lovely arena/training space.

20160717055825 abe8e439 me

Such a cute little place! Have always had a thing for tiled roofs. 🙂

May your Sunday be a peaceful and fruitful one. 🙂