Morning everyone!
2016 continues its crazy ride. I’m surviving, but man it’s getting old. 😛

Grim Fandango
Year 1

20160807065614 5aff3bc8 me

Now that I have my buddy back we can finally leave this place and go after Meche.

20160807065617 c79dff91 me

One last look at Rubacava as I leave everything behind. Back to mopping once again.

20160807065619 3fa4d12a me

Isn’t that a gorgeous morning?

20160807065622 7c67d7d2 me


Year 2

20160807065625 f1557544 me

And once more, Manny takes his new workplace and makes it his own. He’s got skillz!

20160807065628 6c83f6af me

Meet Captain Manny Calavera. Heh heh. (Love the Aztec look an all the awesome chrome. Heh heh)

20160807065630 e0ee50f0 me

Oh yeah!

20160807065633 d2ebc51a me

Still in touch with the revolutionaries.

20160807065636 221c765f me

The pigeons are still freaky. Love his helmet though. 😛

20160807065638 023eef58 me

Full view of Manny’s awesome ride. 🙂

20160807065641 becaecf5 me

Then things go bad. They want Manny out of the way.

20160807065644 9a7f2d7d me

Such a clean and awesome engine control room. His boddu really does good work.

Have a great Sunday. Next weekend is Animefest. Will have to see if I get a chance to pre-prep some posts or not. Whee!