Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Teaser After 1st Mission – The Plot Thickens!

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Neat 3D Globe used by “unknown parties” discussing what happened in Dubai.

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Participants in this secret meeting.

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Jensen has returned to Prague (his new home) and stops to help a woman.

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She’s actually a friend here to pass information about the Dubai fiasco.

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Augmenteds get checked for papers with high frequency as if what happened 2 years ago would be stopped by this kind of thing. Lots of police everywhere.

20161023063138 12eb23ac me

Inside the train station. More cops and a ton of drones.

20161023063140 25f1b51d me

One of the police drones up close.

20161023063143 8e228357 me

The place is bombed. Here’s a poor woman who I tried to help.

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