Work overflowed this week. I’m behind again. 🙁

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Had hoped to merge pre-new graphics card photos with post-new graphics card photos when I posted them but I failed. So here’s some pre ones for when Jensen first for to Prague.

20161113071314 c8e73cb6 me

Overhead view of the trains in Prague.

20161113071316 405e8260 me

First look at Prague at the station. Eliza is back. Or is she? 😛 (Eliza 2.0)

20161113071321 bfee869c me

Is that Koro Sensei in the background? 😛 You can see how the entrance to the main station have been segregated for augs and anturals. Yes, things have gotten pretty bad since the incident.

20161113071325 8e1b2f9a me

Mid explosion at the station. This is the starting point of a whole heap of trouble.

20161113071327 fe3cfa01 me

Took a similar pic the second time around, but this one is way better. Truly poignant scene.

20161113071329 eae2d218 me

First thing Jensen sees when he wakes up in his apartment in Prague.

Ack, now the uploader is giving me issues with the site. Guess this will be it for this week! 😛