I’m half asleep this morning. Let’s see if I can be coherent. 😛

Dishonored 2

Leaving Dunwall and heading to Karnaca

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Emily has just met the Other. My daughter refused his powers (she’s crazy!) I did not. So like my father, I’ve been branded by his mark.

20170115072509 d461ee9f me

Emily already looks matured by her experiences. All side info or flashbacks are done in this style.

20170115072512 88dbad57 me

Lower hallway in Meagan’s ship. Well worn.

20170115072514 d8185b1d me

My first view of Karnaca. Look at that sky! Gorgeous! And the water!

20170115072517 84196135 me

View of Karnaca from the other side of the ship.

20170115072519 64fcd59f me

A more inland pointed view from the right side of the ship.

20170115072521 6530251d me

The main meeting place on the ship. The two boards behind Meagan fill up over time as we figure out targets and things get done.

20170115072523 4af720f8 me

In the last game, the problem was the plague and rats. This time around it’s blood flies. Too much glare to show you a good pic of them yet, though.

20170115072526 b9024c9a me

Look dead center on top of the water – a whale!

20170115072528 848fe66c me

And here it is diving! What a sweet and unexpected little treat!

Stay warm out there!