Survived another week, yay!

Realized I’d forgotten to share more pics from this game.  Can’t have that! It’s so pretty!

Vanishing of Ethan Carter

20170129071718 dbb46934 me

They do have the most gorgeous skies ever!

20170129071722 923ee470 me

A flashback into Ethan’s past. Kid’s fort now turned super creepy.

20170129071725 1bd04180 me

The woods that are in the back of the small town.

20170129071727 add732ba me

An odd cemetery and church nestled in the woods.

20170129071730 68de6a45 me

The side of one of the crypts.

20170129071733 304236b2 me

Front of the crypts. With all the rocks it looks like graves were hard to do, and so they created vaults?

20170129071736 a3ca07ad me

A vision of the cemetery. There’s something I need to find.

20170129071738 485c4b56 me

The church by the cemetery. It has a Viking vibe to it, no?

20170129071741 97f65c5d me

Grave marker?

20170129071743 01dffac6 me

Front of the church. With a good view of the bell tower.

Hope you have a fruitful day!