Greetings, all!

Yep, totally not keeping up with anything this week. 🙁 Did finally close Dec 2016 at work – yay! Now it’s time for all the reports for the auditors and the dreaded Flux. *shiver* Oh and catching up on January close. Why 2017? Why?!

Dishonored 2

20170226075614 7acb2f01 me

Side view from the ship’s deck. I’m about to take my first trip to the mainland.

20170226075617 a6ea8e04 me

The captain gives me a few bits of advice as she prepares to drop me off.

20170226075620 392226c5 me

Look at those mountains!

20170226075624 5d34c6a6 me

The buildings and people have had it rough here.

20170226075627 27af9d66 me

Delilah has wasted not time in making sure I get hunted down.

20170226075630 55f4e5c7 me

The streets are filled with blood. Blood from the whales they slaughter here. Pestilence lurks everywhere.

20170226075633 210935e3 me

View back out to the bay from a balcony. Love that sky!

20170226075635 d5078ae1 me

Yeah, she’s wasted no time at all.

20170226075638 ab19587b me

Forlorn looking painting, no?

20170226075641 fb18153c me

In the first game, there were rats everywhere spreading contagion. Now it’s red flies. This is one of their nests.

Hope you have a great day!