Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

20170326065552 4aaf2215 me

Super creepy fortune teller machine at the magic shop. Futuristic but still as disturbing as these things sometimes look. lol.

20170326065555 c16c2651 me

Inside the lobby of Palisade Bank. Not a money bank, but a data bank. A really neat place!

20170326065557 420209d5 me

This is a moving/undulating ceiling in the bank. So cool!

20170326065559 34073889 me

So posh! Like a canyon wall with a waterfall.

20170326065602 235918c0 me

Neat turbine/motor system in the basement.

20170326065604 2378ffcd me

In the sewers. Poison gas all over the place!

20170326065607 aa8adffa me

An old station that’s been closed. Possibly from two years ago when the augmented went mad.

20170326065609 d3897257 meSneaking around at a regular train station. Love the neat visual effect of the ceiling tiles.

20170326065612 8110cb74 me

The name of the restaurant was too funny. Love the look, though! And I’d eat there.

20170326065614 2af59098 me

This was rather disturbing. No?

Hope you have a great Sunday! Next weekend

Next weekend, ChibiChains and I will be at Fan Expo 2017!  Mark Hamill! Tim Curry! Vampire Diaries guys! And I probably won’t see any of them. Heh. But will try to share cool costume pics through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. 🙂