What a week! Still trying to recuperate. 😛 Quarter end closes for accounting types can be harsh! Ugh.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

20170423072200 648d9dfd me

These are the diabolical plans for a different kind of computer. Gasp! I won’t realize what this pertains to for a while.

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Old world flair!

20170423072205 e1027b4d me

I do sometimes take pics of the weirdest things! The stretched structure is the far end of one of the many data bank vaults owned by Palisades Bank. Truly impressive buildings.

20170423072208 bd8508a2 me

Street entry into a seemingly harmless shipping company. It’s a front/entry for the local Task Force 29 HQ. 🙂

20170423072210 d5c46150 me

This is the underground facility for Task Force 29.

20170423072213 d8a5f6e3 me

The people Jensen works for – the Global Anti-terrorism Division.

20170423072215 1be1ca74 me

Computer expert and super twitchy paranoid bud. lol.

20170423072218 7237ab4b me

Info board. You can click on the images and get intel. The board changes over time as we discover more info.

20170423072222 549af057 me

Reporting to the boss. Corrupt? We’re going to find out.

20170423072507 933fd951 me

Sneaking around to get to other parts of the office. 😛

Have a great one!