Sorry, if I seem to have fallen off the face of the planet lately. Life just seems determined not to let me do stuff I need to! Ugh! (Writing? What’s that?)

The movie this week was “American Assassin” – lots of great action and acting. Not sure their radiation treatment was correct for the protagonists, but they took it further than anyone has before. Made for some awesome scenes with the fleet!

Secret World Legends

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Some definite ugly buggers are walking about Kingsmouth! Eek!

20170917072749 e9832434 me

One of the survivors in the area trying hard to keep the creature population down.

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One of the many types of draug. I think most are reconfigured villagers. Ack!

20170917072754 40a41952 meWeird, unearthly fires.

20170917072756 a845c27a meHarbor area. The beaches are all being used as hatching zones. Ugh

20170917072758 7bd0bad7 meLooking back towards the harbor and town from the edge looking in.

20170917072800 1fb206bb meThe ladies and their tentacles are so eek! lol.

20170917072802 aef9addc meOne of the things that hatch at the beach.

20170917072805 715c1f54 meThe Raven’s Knock – town psychic lives here. Once fake, now real! She’s not excited about it. lol.

20170917072807 f6edcac9 meOne of the bridges in town. A total mess.

I need to remember to lighten the pics before uploading. DOH!

Mostly just wanted to get at least a post done this week! So tired! 😛 (And this is the slow month? Ugh!)