The movie this week was Foreigner with Jackie Chan and Pirce Brosnan. Convoluted bugger, but good. Only nitpick was people not raising any eyebrows (including Jackie) about needing a second explosion to figure out who was the bomber. Great fight scenes.

Doing a new (to me) game this week. I played Wolfenstein back when it was a 2D game! Wow, has it changed since then! So impressive I finally gave in and took pics. So here you go. 😛

Wolfenstein The New Order (2014)

20171015075333 2c6ba6b4 meThis is after we’ve been shot down as the WWII bombers tried to make it over to the German base. That thing above is a walking, giant weapon of death!

20171015075336 0b420a50 meCyber dog. The German’s in this game are way more technologically advanced than we are. These dogs are mean and super tough!

20171015075338 f3732780 meHere’s the big weapon doing its thing!

20171015075340 209fb075 meOne of the foot soldiers. Everything about them seems high tech.

20171015075342 3272311e meInside the outer rim of the giant bunker.

20171015075345 57fbd5a4 meNo doubt as to whom the base belongs to. 😛

20171015075347 7c9f4319 meWas trying to take a pic showing the super cool looking German fighters and some of our bombers going past.

20171015075349 4279a741 meMotivational poster. 😛

20171015075351 04933f61 meWarning signs and some big missiles! Eek!

20171015075353 d9ed004e meFound a way into the main area of the bunker without having to go in through the giant metal doors. 😛

One neat thing so far is that using different weapons and skills will unlock others. Like using a knife for silent sneak attacks ended up opening a skill where I could throw the knife and get them that way as well. 🙂

Hope you have a fabulous day!