No mini movie review this week. We celebrate Thanksgiving on multiple days for each side of the family and fighting not to get sick with the temperature and weather changes, so never got a chance to go! 🙁

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

20171126070008 657fb3c9 meSuch Such a pretty jet plane. 🙂

20171126070010 ee72783a meGorgeous sky!

20171126070012 d8ff4ac7 me

A closeup view of the pilot. Not thrilled at augmented people but he warms up to me…eventually. 😛

20171126070014 e59a8a76 meUtulek Complex. One of those places that sounds great on paper but then goes horribly wrong.  Being toted as a place augs can get a new start and build their own utopia. Yeah…

20171126070017 e6f39bad me

Love this plane!!!! The first close up look of Utulek.

20171126070019 31cb24b8 me

The poster says it all. Lol.

20171126070021 f4ef5ca1 me

Some do try to make the place better. Not that there’s much to work with in this place.

20171126070023 93ee0333 me

The lost ones.

20171126070025 f7ac8ef9 me

These guys are not here to “serve and protect” that’s for sure!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and weekend!