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Mini-Movie Review – The Shape of Water

The Shape Of Water

The opening scene is super awesome. This is a cute fairy tale, but IT IS NOT FOR KIDS! I can’t emphasize this enough. This movie is for adults. There are lots of great performances. It’s a sleepy little tale, but very poignant.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


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One of the problems with what was supposed to be an aug paradise.

20171217081322 fdcd302c meHeading to some of the restricted levels as I search for the man who created this place.

20171217081324 4a9fc206 meSneaking around looking for ways up.

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The man being blamed for a lot of the terrorist action in the world. He is an avid aug supporter. He doesn’t look like he’s doing so well. His dreams have been rotted from within and without, but others not so altruistic.

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He’s a broken man. He’s not realized the depths of the betrayals visited upon him quite yet.

20171217081330 8c433373 me

Well educated, driven, and yet even he has been played.

20171217081332 9e2cb415 me

The skeleton of dreams never to be realized.

20171217081334 2c56bf6f me

I so love the attention to detail!

20171217081336 cdb8645f me

Jensen has ferreted some of the truth. Time to bail from Hell.

20171217081338 339e519c me

There will be a reckoning.

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