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Coming soon to the newsletter will be a new urban fantasy prequel short called Pay It Forward. It ties into the Discoveries of Julia Xero urban fantasy thriller series Book 1 – The Secret Humankind, which will come out mid-2023!

Pay It Forward Cover Reveal!


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A social worker fighting the good fight. A mousy orphan dodging trouble. Can the public servant find common ground before one of them gets permanently kicked to the curb?

Laurel Caine wants to pay it forward. As a case handler in child protective services, Laurel maintains a professional distance from her charges while using her stash of ‘secret weapons’ to keep them safe. But after she meets a thin, timid girl named Julia, keeping the child at arm’s length is proving harder than resisting the call of chocolate.

So when Julia’s current foster home wants to ditch her without cause, Laurel bayonets the rules and goes all in. But Julia is a tough nut to crack and wheedling what Laurel needs to know out of her is like pulling teeth from a bucking bronco.

Can Laurel hammer the cryptic clues together in time, or will she stay stuck in the muck and lose more than she ever imagined?

Pay It Forward is the prequel short to the Discoveries of Julia Xero urban fantasy thriller series. If you like gutsy women, unlikely orphans, and your fiction laced with the supernatural, you’ll love Gloria Oliver’s moving tale.

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