(Oh my! It’s been a month since I have blogged? Where has the month gone????)

I was hesitant to see this movie. Not because I don’t like Steve Martin, he can be a real hoot, but being Peter Sellers would be a feat few could attempt to accomplish. But hubby wanted to go, so I finally caved.

The movie was fun. The people involved definitely wanted to pay homage to the old films. So much so, that it begins with the Pink Panther theme and even the Pink Panther himself, as well as a new Cruseau toon that more resembles Mr. Martin.

A lot of slapstick, some recurring jokes, even some serious matters, egad! A couple of spots were totally hilarious. Steve puts his own spin on the detective and does fairly well. The James Bond joke was too funny. No Kato though, which was too bad.

Overall a pretty cute, funny, and entertaining piece. ***