A Game of Thrones
by George RR Martin

Premise: Winter is coming! The long Summer is ending and change is on its way. When the Hand of the King dies, the lives of the Starks are affected when King Robert decides he wants Ned to be his new Hand, bypassing others. When a mysterious letter from the previous Hand’s wife insinuates the death was deliberate, and by the Queen’s family, Ned is left with little choice but to take the position and go investigate.

Review: Each chapter is done from the point of view of a different character. Most belong to the Starks but there are several others as well – and serve to give the reader an encompassing view of what it going on in this rich world. My daughter hooked me into the series, telling me she especially loved it because it did not matter if you had chapters of your own, this did not keep you from getting killed! It is definitely a dark time and somewhat depressing. The waste hits the fan and hits it big. But volume 1 seems to be but the first peel of the onion and hints are given of the layers we might find underneath. We are but at the top of the pyramid. The book is dark and at times very brutal, life without tinted glasses in a harsh time about to get worse. Yet the characters are totally compelling with definite personalities of their own. The amount of detail/life he was breathed into this work is amazing. A great start to what promises to be an enjoyable if grissly ride. ***3/4!!!