The Element of Fire
by Martha Wells

Premise: Thomas Boniface is the Captain of the Queen’s Guard and has for years found himself in a very precarious position. Not only was he at one time the queen’s lover, but her son, the heir apparent, does not like him, the heir’s confidant wants him dead, and many others would just like him away from the queen’s ear. His constant juggling act to maintain order and keep himself alive is suddenly made much more difficult when not only does a rogue wizard enter the scene, but the bastard daughter of the old king shows up as well. And with the sudden uprising of the Fae to deal with as well, Thomas has more than his hands full.

Review: Martha Wells has figured out how to bring back this out of print book so that readers may enjoy it again. I couldn’t be happier, since I encountered her writing for the first time only recently and have avidly devoured all I could get my hands on. This particular book is also set in her world of Il-Rien based similarly on the time of the Musketeers. With political intrigue, murder, and Fae running amok, it is a total treat! Go Martha! ***1/2!!