Premise: Corryn has waited over a year to meet again the mysterious knight he saw near one of the cursed lakes. His own sad past has forced him to try such unusual means, and there are no guarantees of success. But when he once more meets the knight, the latter is engaged in combat, and despite Corryn’s attempts to help, the warrior is wounded and the infant in his charge stolen. Worse, the knight cares not for his help or is even willing to consider having him as a liege man. Yet Corryn forces his help on the warrior as the wounds knock the latter unconscious. As Corryn bandages the wounds and tries to make the warrior comfortable, he gets an unexpected surprise – and with that his life begins to take many unexpected turns.

Review: (This review is from an ARC copy – release of the book should be imminent.) A thoroughly enjoyable book. JC Hall has created a vibrant world full of magic, adventure, and intrigue. The high speech of the nobles will take a little getting used to and the introduction and instruction of magic/mental powers seems to come out of nowhere where Corryn was concerned, but aside from these two minor issues, the story was griping, the characters interesting, and made for a great ride. ***1/2!