2007 – The Year of the Fire Pig has been incredibly chaotic just as predicted. There’s been good and bad all over. One of the good things, though, has been my exposure to the works of an incredible amount of awesome actors and screen writers. I’ve watched more amazing episodes and acting than I have ever been exposed to before. (There have been some bombs, but I’m going to ignore those…told you there’d been good and bad this year! heh)

I figured this time out I would mention some of these in the hopes of getting them and theirs a little more exposure out in the world. (Okay, so they don’t really need MY help. But it is fun talking about them.) πŸ˜›

Thanks to a serendipitous conversation at Lazy Dragon Con I got to discover an incredible screen writer and two of his awesome shows, plus a plethora of amazing actors. And all of them from British TV! The screen writer’s name is Steven Moffat He’s done several episodes for the new Dr. Who (1 per season – “Blink” being the latest one shown in the states – and it was an all new kind of creepy) and is the driving force behind this summer’s coolest Paranormal show called “Jekyll“. (You can catch it on BBC America), which is about an ancestor of Hyde/Jekyll. He also did four seasons of a very funny show called “Coupling“. (My hubby, who doesn’t normally like British stuff, especially their comedies, adores this show!) Coupling basically follows three men and three women and their interlaced lives. Lots of truly creative things in this one, and the science fiction references that get thrown in out of nowhere on occasion are awesome. Like when Steve talks about the 3 main uses for a couch – #3 is a place to hide behind during Dalek attack. ROFL. Mr. Moffat does comedy and drama extremely well. Definitely a master of his craft!

From both Jekyll and Coupling you can view the work of actress Gina Bellman. When seeing her in Jekyll she is good, but you don’t realize how good until you see her as Jane in Coupling. The difference between the two is so amazing that it is as if she too were Jekyll and Hyde! Which brings us to James Nesbitt, a northern Irish actor, who with very little physical change or makeup (like almost none), changes from mild mannered Dr. Jackman to the very powerful and disturbing Hyde. The transformation has to be seen to be believed. An utterly spectacular performance.

Heck, everyone in Coupling was awesome. The timing, the weird stuff they’d pull. I definitely recommend it and Jekyll! Way too much fun!

Oh and by the way, the helper for Dr. Jackman in Jekyll, is the very woman who is about to be Jamie Summers in this years remake of the Bionic Woman! (I told you I am a coincidence magnet!) Her name is Michelle Ryan. Liked her very much in Jekyll, so I think she will be a lot of fun as Jamie in the Bionic Woman as well.

Other screen writers I am definitely enjoying are Sera Gamble, Eric Kripke, John Shiban, Raelle Tucker, Ben Englund, and all the other writers in Supernatural (You knew I had to go there eventually, right?) Sera Gamble is responsible for tons of my utter favorite episodes, especially the one that took me over the edge – “Bloodlust”. “Heart” just took my breath away – it’s also one of the episodes I’ve heard is most responsible for winning converts from the female population – heh. John Shiban did the super impacting Croatoan (also one of the meanest cliffhanger episodes EVER!) Raelle Tucker will be loved forever for the episode “What is and What Should Never Be”, which was also a great acting vehicle for Jensen Ackles! Ben Englund has a sick sense of humor which was a blast in “Hollywood Babylon”. I swear this show has one of the best teams out there. I think only Boston Legal’s team comes close!

And while you have heard me wax poetic on the virtues of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, through Supernatural I have also discovered the amazing talents of Jim Beaver! In another series of coincidences, I’ve seen the man in several shows this very year, and the more I see of him, the more I am impressed! He played an FBI boss in the movie “Next” (Really weird seeing him dolled up compared to the other roles he’s played! He turns out rather nice!), a prospect miner in “Deadwood”, and an old Vet in the now canceled series “John from Cincinnati” (which has one episode that would make any weirdness he’s had to face in Supernatural totally mild in comparison! lol!). He is one of those supporting actors that brings so much to his role, but in such a quiet, underhanded way you barely notice, yet without him, the atmosphere wouldn’t be there – his is the sealing touch. (Not sure how to explains this exactly.) And his performance as Bobby in the episode “All Hell Breaks Loose pt2” shows his excellent range. I was very happy to hear he will definitely be a returning recurring character this new season. Go, Jim!

Another supporting actor that has very much impressed me is Garret Dillahunt. He played Dr. Michael Smith in “John from Cincinnati” but also played two very different characters in “Deadwood” – Jack McCall and then Francis Wolcott. They were like night and day. Very nice work.

I can’t wait to see what new actors and writers I will discover in the blooming new season! Am I ever glad for my Tivo! heh

Happy Watching!